2011-03-16 The Latest on Emails Between Ex-Bank of America Employee & Anonymous

ImageAn “open letter” from the ex-Bank of America employee was recently posted on the website Anonymous has been using to share the leaked emails. It appears to be in response to how he was characterized in coverage of the leak.

TechHerald.com has focused on this comment, which he wrote in response to a question from Anonymous on whether he had more emails: “I have to save the rest. I promised a WSJ [Wall Street Journal] reporter in Australia the story back in Jan when the Balboa sale was announced. I also need to keep a few aces for my inevitable years of litigation for what I’m doing.”

Today, Anonymous published a letter from him. It suggests he may not be so focused on profiting off his information after all.

He thumps his chest at Bank of America saying Bank of America continues “to underestimate me.”

“I’ve already read their plan of action against me. Anonymous leaked it for the world to see months ago,” he adds. “While “Anonymous” BofA executives huddle together and cower behind their corporate logo, hoping their corporate name can withstand a greater shitstorm than mine, we’ve both been reading the exact same battle plan. Don’t be fooled by press releases. The HB Gary plan cost a lot of the money from their piggy bank, and they’re not ones to let their own money go to waste.”

He suggests he is not afraid of Bank of America executives or employees who might be plotting against him:

I’m not afraid of you. I’m not some distant, unapproachable eccentric like Julian Assange. Sensationalize all you want, but your employees all know me, and they’re slowly starting to figure out why it is you did what you did to me. I live in your backyard. Drag my name through the mud all you want. I can take it. I’ve got more friends in more high places than you think. While the media races to be the first to report any story they can about me to make their money, I’m neither making nor losing money on this. You took my statement of “I’ve got nothing to lose” as meaning I’m desperate and lonely. Get the facts straight. I’ve got a large family that’s been supporting me this entire time. I’ve got friends in places you can’t even imagine. My community knows me, and the bonds I’ve formed are backed by love, not money. When will you ever learn? I know you don’t put your personal name on your statements because you fear the legal action that will be taken against you. You do not want to be made the scapegoat for your own actions.

The ex-employee seems to be frustrated greatly with how the media perceived him and the leak. But, he notes two examples of coverage that he thinks “got it.”

This Daily Finance article took his allegations seriously. It detailed “force-placed insurance scams” and why they work. It also suggested that despite the fact that he might have an axe to grind he seemed to be sharing credible and factual information.

On MSNBC, Cenk Uygur covered the leak. The ex-employee liked this segment.

The ex-employee tells Americans in his “open letter” to “hang in there.” This signals that in the coming days more will be learned about Bank of America.

Additionally, Anonymous has posted an email on the website that shows someone claiming to be a “Special Agent with TARP” asking for help investigating “HAMP violations.” The agent asks to learn more about information the Anonymous member might have on Bank of America.

Doubt has been sprinkled and, in some cases, poured on the release of the emails. Interestingly, the spokesperson with BofA contends the information was stolen and is untrue. One wonders why an ex-employee would steal fake information and disseminate it widely. Unless there is some deeper conspiracy playing out here and employees are trying to sink Bank of America or promote disinformation so that the Big Bank can say this isn’t true and make it harder for critics to take aim at its practices, the spokesperson is obfuscating the truth.

A few outlets are wondering if this is all that will be released. Writers have shared their opinion that this was a big letdown and nothing much to care about at all. This letter suggests details on Bank of America will continue to be released and there is no reason to think Anonymous is hyping what they are helping this ex-employee share with the world.