2011-03-30 #Bahrain 15 year old reported killed by sec force gun shot to the face in Saar, Sec forces reportedly raid activist Naji Fateel home

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Current time and date in Manama, Bahrain:

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  • The Voice of Bahrain on Facebook reports of attacks on the village of Sanabis today (Source: Images from the Voice of Bahrain on Facebook)
  • Unconfirmed reports that security forces raided activist Naji Fateel's house but he wasn't there. They reportedly threatened to come back every night.
  • Multiple sources reporting on the death of 15 year old Ahmed Sayed Saeed Shams from Saar, of a gunshot to the face, by security forces. (Source: Voice of Bahrain Facebook Profile)
  • Reports of military forces and police arriving with a crane and destroying the small park in the west of Bani Jamrah (a village west of Manama, Bahrain) at 4pm on March 29. (Source: Voice of Bahrain Facebook Profile)
  • We have an UNCONFIRMED report that the brutality that took place in these 14 photographs occurred yesterday afternoon 3/30/11 in Karranah. See Photo 1/14 interior.gov.bh Car 999 License Plate No. 3637 . (If you have any more information please email me. See top of entry for more details.)

TUESDAY, March 29

  • Global Voices reports that Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al-Yousif has been arrested.


    This is an image of his last tweet, which was deleted shortly before 11pm EST, and is no longer available.

    The hash tag #FreeMahmood was started on twitter calling for his release.

  • Human Rights Watch calls for an investigation into death and disappearance of protesters during #Bahrain regime violent crackdown:

    At least 15 people have died since riot police and troops initiated a second round of offensives against anti-government protesters on March 15, Human Rights Watch said. They include Ahmed Farhan, age 24, and Mohammed Eklas, a 50 year-old Bangladeshi citizen, who died in Sitra on March 15. Photographs of Farhan's body show the back of his head blown open and an empty brain cavity, suggesting that he had been shot at close range. According to media reports, Eklas was run over by a vehicle while trying to help some women during the crackdown, but Human Rights Watch could not independently verify this account.(Source: Human Rights Watch: Bahrain: Investigate Deaths Linked to Crackdown

    A third Sitra resident, Isa al-Radhi, 46, who had been missing since that day, was declared dead on March 19, when authorities called his family and told them to collect his body. (Source: Human Rights Watch: Bahrain: Investigate Deaths Linked to Crackdown )

    The authorities admitted holding four missing persons in the Bahrain Defense Force hospital only after they had succumbed to their injuries. This raises serious concerns regarding the missing persons' treatment and whether authorities are holding other people without notifying their families, Human Rights Watch said. (Source: Human Rights Watch: Bahrain: Investigate Deaths Linked to Crackdown )

SATURDAY, March 26


  • Reports that more than 100 people are injured, and they they are receiving first aid in their homes. Hospitals considered unsafe.



  • Demonstrator arrested. We cannot confirm the place, nor do we know the fate of the man in this video.(Uploaded March 25)

  • Link to Video on Facebook of a Saudi soldier saying he has come to Bahrain to kill Shia (Primary Source: Kuwait TV)

    Translation: "This is our homeland there in no place for Christians, Jews, the Magi (referring to Shia). We are Sunnis and do not accept Jews in our homeland." The word "Magi" is an insult to the Shia community. The implication is that Shia protestors are infiltrated by foreign countries without mentioning any by name."

  • Abdul Aziz Ayad, killed by government forces has traces of electric shock on his body. He is from AlHajer Budya and was buried yesterday, March 25


  • ‎32 years old Hani Abdul-Aziz Abdullah Jumah family was called at midnight on the 24th of Mar 11 and told to collect his body, which was hidden by he army in Salmaniya Hospital. The funeral took place March 25.










FRIDAY, March 25

  • Washington PR firms Qorvis Communications (@quorvis) and @cooperchristoph's Potomac Square Group contracted to spin crimes against humanity for Bahrain regime.

    Image "Potomac Square Group – a new firm headed by ex-Wall Street Journal journalist Chris Cooper – was appointed in February to provide strategic PR counsel to the Embassy of Bahrain in the US" (Source: streetmedia.wordpress.com)

    "The Bahraini government, which has cracked down on growing political protests, has tapped a former Wall Street Journal national news reporter to help improve the Middle Eastern country's communications with Washington. Christopher Cooper's public relations firm, Potomac Square Group, disclosed last week that it was hired in February by Abdul Latif Al Zayani, the special envoy from Bahrain to the United States. Cooper was hired Feb. 17, after Bahraini troops opened fire on protesters in the Pearl Square in the country's capital of Manama. Al Zayani told CNN at the time that his country's leadership was committed to dialogue with opposition groups, but he added, 'We had to take action, and the action was taken by the law.'" (Source: Huffington Post)

    "The contract between Potomac Square Group and Bahrain was signed on February 17." (Source: sunlightfoundation.com)

    "Qorvis Communications, one of Washington's biggest PR firms, inked a deal with the island kingdom last year. The firm offered the kingdom's most recent spin on the protest crackdown in a press release highlighting statements made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while omitting her statement that the government was "on the wrong track." (Source: sunlightfoundation.com)

  • The suppression of a peaceful demonstration today in Buri(Uploaded March 25)

  • Suppression of protests in today Sitra (Uploaded March 25)

  • Protest in Beni Jamra today(Uploaded March 25)

  • Riot police roam the alleys of Aker today (Uploaded March 25)

  • Sec forces vandalize cars in Sitra today (Uploaded March 25)

  • Unconfirmed reports on today, March 25, of the death of Aziz Aya, 33, who worked as a soldier in the Bahrain Defense Force. He was from the village of Al Hajer/Budya. The government has not released details as to the causes of death. One unconfirmed report from our sources in the ground say he was kidnapped by special forces and tortured with electric shocks until death.


  • Nurse from Salmaniya Hospital being beaten (Uploaded March 23)

  • Unconfirmed reports of plain clothes thugs attacking ppl.


    There was an attack last week at Bahrain University, more than 80 people are reported to have been injured. People are afraid to go out, because there are reports that snipers are everywhere according to sources on the ground.

    Image attributed to one injured male at Salmaniya Hospitall in the attack on Bahrain University. He is reported to have died.


  • Amnesty International Petition, 'Ensuring accountability for excessive force and protection for protesters'. Sign here.

  • Body of the Isa Al Radi from Sitra, Mar 20 1011, who was beaten to death. (Uploaded March 21)

  • Unconfirmed attack in the village of Bure after the funeral of Abdulrasool al-Hajiri. (Uploaded March 21)

  • Abdulrasool was missing for 4 days. His family received his dead body on March 21, 2001. He was reported to have been beaten to death, coming home from work.

    "Abdulrasool al-Hajiri, who worked sterilizing medical equipment at Salmaniya Medical Center in this island Kingdom's capital, Manama, came home to the small Bahraini village of Buri on Saturday, dropped off his bag and went out to get a part of his mobile phone fixed. He was never seen alive again. His body was found the next morning, bloody and beaten, on a street in a town four kilometers away. (Source: Time, Reported March 23)






    Daughter of Abdulrasool al-Hajiri


  • Reports of Bahrain Army open fire on protesters. (Uploaded March 18)

  • Protesters being beaten and shot at by police in Manama. (Uploaded March 17)

  • Rounds directly in the face of one of the protesters in #Bahrain killed protester (Uploaded March 13)

  • Reports of Bahrain thugs attacking female doctors from Salmaniya Hospital. (Uploaded March 14)

  • Bahrain police trying to run over protesters near Pearl Roundabout (Uploaded March 14)

  • Man injured from police fire in Shahrkan. Reports that he could not go to the hospital for treatment, for fear of being arrested. (Uploaded March 14)


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