2011-01-28 Tunisian forces gas demonstrators

Reuters reports that hundreds of Tunisian protesters set up tents and distributed food for their 24-hour sit-in outside government offices Friday. Security forces chased protesters through central Tunis, firing tear gas and dispersing the demonstrators, many of whom have been participating in a round-the-clock five day sit-in "demanding the resignation of the interim government."

Banners hang from the windows of Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi's office. The Ottoman-era building is covered in graffiti, some demanding the government go, some just hailing their own home town.

SBZ," is tagged along the walls, referring to Sidi Bouzid, the marginalised central province where Tunisia's revolt began.

Many are not satisfied with Thursday's cabinet reshuffle, which purged the government of 12 members of the old guard, and said they would stay until Ghannouchi himself resigns.