2011-01-24 PdF presents: A symposium on WikiLeaks and Internet freedom (II)

Tonight at 6 p.m.(23:00 utc) the Personal Democracy Forum, in partnership with New York University's Interactive Technology Program, will present the second symposium on WikiLeaks and Internet Freedom.

The panel will include:

  • Member of the Parliament of Iceland Birgitta Jónsdóttir
  • NYU professor of media, culture, and communication Gabriella Coleman
  • NYU Distinguished Writer in Residence Clay Shirky
  • Distinguished Fellow at the MIT Media Lab John Hockenberry
  • Constitutional lawyer Floyd Abrams

The techpresident'sMicah L. Sifry gives a brief overview of some of the issues that will be discussed at tonight's symposium. Among other issues, the role that technology plays will be highlighted.

Citizenship, wherever you may hold it, comes with boundaries. Right now, it appears that both WikiLeaks and Anonymous have found ways to stretch, if not completely break, those limits.

The symposium will be streamed live at Pdf